What is this website all about?
This website is an Airsoft Links Directory that ranks airsoft related websites based on votes. On the home page, (also known as the "Rankings" Page), the top 5 websites have their banners shown and are listed in order according to how popular they are based on "votes"

Websites 6-10 are also listed but only as a link (not a banner). Websites not in the top 10 are not listed on the home page but can be accessed by using the search filters at the top of the page.

The more votes you have (clicks and page views), the better your chance of having your banner shown in the top 5 position.

How are votes counted to rank websites?
When you add your website to our directory, a "vote" for your website is counted in one of 3 ways:

#1 when one of our visitors clicks on your link or banner to go to your website,
#2 when the "vote for us" banner is clicked from your website (provided you have the "link code" placed on your page), and
#3 a vote is also counted for your website each time the button (link code) is loaded or refreshed on your page called a "PV" (Page View).

What exactly is the Link Code in the User Control Panel for?
When you sign up and log in you can click on the "User Control Panel" link and on that page is another link titled, "Link Code". If you place that link code on your website you will get the little "vote for us" button on your website.

Each time your website (with the "vote for us" button on it) is loaded, refreshed or visited, a vote here is counted for your website. When a visitor from your website clicks on the button, another vote for your website is counted here as well. All votes for your website will improve your ranking or position in the top 10 list on the home page.

In fact, a vote for your website is counted for each time that button is loaded, refreshed, or clicked. A vote is also counted for your website each time one of our visitors click on your link here to go to your website. The more votes you have, the higher your rankings will be here on this website and your goal is to be in the top 5 so that your banner can be displayed on the home page.

What if I don't want to place that link code or button on my website?
Having the "vote for us" button (also known as link code) placed on your website is optional and votes will still count for your website without the button on your website BUT ONLY when one of our visitors clicks on your link. If your link is not on the home page or not in the top 10, the chances on your link being clicked, is reduced. Additionally, without the link code on your website, Page Views (also known as: PV) will not count towards votes and you will have lots of zeros on your statistics page.

What is a PV on the statistics page?
A "PV" is a "Page View", a page view happens each time your website is viewed, refreshed, or reloaded. Our system can only count a PV for your website if you have our link code and button displayed on your website. Each time your website is loaded for your visitor, that counts as a "Page View" (or PV) and a vote for your website and thus improves your position and move your website closer to the top of the list.

How Come my Votes Do Not Appear to be Showing Up ?
There is about a 30 minute update delay before some votes are actually added to the display or hit counter. Votes for your website can be counted as a click from this website, someone clicking the the button on your website, or simply the button being viewed or refreshed on your website.

How Much Does This Cost, Watch the Catch to be listed here?
There's no charge, no cost and there is no catch. This is a free service provided to the airsoft community to find out who really is the Top Airsoft Website out there.

Add your website our Top Airsoft Links directory, then as page views and clicks are counted (as votes for your website), your website is moved closer to the top positions. The top 5 websites have their banners shown, websites 6-10 are listed but no banners are shown for them. Websites 11+ are not listed on the home page but are still here and being ranked.

As people visit our website here and click on your link or banner, that counts as a vote for your website. If you have the link code on your website, the "vote for us" button will appear there and also count your page views and clicks from your website as a vote for you as well. The more votes you have, the higher you rank in the list.

The goal here is to remain in the top 5 list so that your banner is shown on the home page (or at least in the top 10 so that your link is listed there).
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